Upcoming Travel Plans!

Hello Wanderlusters!

This blog post I am SUPER excited about because it will be talking about all my upcoming travel plans I have set up for this Summer and I wanted to share them with you!

  1. Just Because – Morocco!
    I am working with this amazing company that I’ve been talking to for months now (reference blog post “Dreaming of Morocco”) and I am finally being able to take a Luxury Desert Tour with Morocco Vacation Travel Guide. I have been dreaming about taking a tour like this for so many years and next week it is finally happening!
  2. Birthday Trip – March
    I have been planning this trip for a few months now for my BIG Dirty 30/Golden Birthday trip and I am telling you – this one is going to be one for the books!
    🎆Landing in Brussels – stay for 2 days
    🎆Taking a train to Amsterdam – stay for 3 days
    🎆Take a flight to Copenhagen – stay for 4 days (take a side trip to Sweden for a day trip)
    This will complete my 30 countries before I am 30!
  3. Trek of Joan – April
    There is no bad time to visit France but I couldn’t think of a better time than late April! One of my all time historical heroens has been Joan of Arc and I have always wanted to visit where she was born and where she grew up at and making a few stops along the way…can’t go wrong!
    🎆Flying to Paris – stay for 3 days
    🎆 Road trip to Orleans – stay for 2 days
    🎆Road trip to Domrémy – stay for 3 days
    🎆Drive back to Paris through Champagne
  4. Amalfi Road Trip – May
    Not much of a story behind this trip – I haven’t ever explored Italy lower than Rome and it is time to change that! I don’t have this one mapped out much but a general idea.
  5. Scotland – June
    I am so excited to be able to explore Scotland! I wrote a 25 blog series for a company about Scotland, history, foods, families, wars, castles, and now it is time!

Ready or not world here we come!

Traveling Photographer Out!


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