Preparation for Christmas Markets…

And now entering full nerd moment…

As many of you know, I’m a huge research geek when it comes to traveling. I love to know what to expect as well as what to look forward to when I arrive during my travels.

Well, this particular adventure I have been researching for months now and I had a really hard time deciding where I wanted to go. But after hours of research and summing up the facts, I finally came to a decision.

We are going to GERMANY! 925-munich-1400.jpg

I knew that with the move and everything being so crazy that I couldn’t plan a huge long trip but I did want to hit a MAJOR Christmas market. Now, there are local Christmas markets I will also be attending but I really wanted to visit one that was on the “top Christmas Markets Europe” list. And since I am a HUGE Christmas nerd – it was only fitting to go to where good ol’ St. Nick’s supposedly was from…plus I’ve never been to Germany.

I am so excited! The first week of December and off we go! It isn’t going to be a long trip but since we are going with a single purpose (Christmas markets) and not there to spend time exploring the city in great depth (even though we will be doing that too knowing me) I thought it was a good stepping stone for our travels!

From here I am sure many road trips will be in order but I wanted to get something on the books, even if it was just to get my hotel room reserved so I knew that I had the option to still go before prices skyrocket (if they do – I don’t know). I am so excited to be going to a huge Christmas market for us holiday nerds, I know some don’t like the mention of Christmas before Dec 1st but I can’t help it! weihnachtsmarkt-8973-foto-lukas-barth-3000

When you see the beautiful sight of a million tiny bulbs glistening in the night…how can you not be absolutely taken back by the sight?

More to come on future adventures!

Traveling Photographer Out!

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