Dreaming of Morocco…

It isn’t hard to be dreaming of other places when you are camping out in a hotel room. And since we will be living in a hotel for 2+ months as a family, this has left me a lot of time to dream about all the wonderful places to be visited.

The biggest one I’ve been dreaming about recently is Morocco! I follow this page on Facebook, Morocco Vacation Travel Guide, and everyday they post BEAUTIFUL pictures of the adventures they host around their beautiful country and everyday I dream more and more of Morocco.

Photos by Morocco Vacation Travel Guide

Blue cities, colorful spice markets, perfect tapestries, ancient ruins, living history, rolling sand dunes, I dream of it all!

Photos by Morocco Vacation Travel Guide

I am very excited about all the countries we will be visiting while living in Spain, but of all of the beautiful countries that will be at my fingertips, Morocco is one I might be the most thrilled about visit.

When I was growing up the only thing I knew about Morocco is what we saw on TV, mostly from the movie Casablanca, but growing up in a land of the Midnight Sun and winters that averaged -40 degrees F. Then I visited Israel when I was six and I thought “is there any place more beautiful?” Since then I’ve spent my whole life finding beautiful and wonderful places around the world but one that has alluded me is like the Maltese falcon, Morocco!

Photos by Morocco Vacation Travel Guide

At this point, Facebook is really just taunting me of all the places we want to go and it is just out of reach! UGH! Only a few more weeks until we are off to our new life!

Random thoughts from our four walls…

Traveling Photographer Out!

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