The Little Green House On The Corner…

When we moved to Twin Falls in April 2016 – I didn’t know what to expect when I pulled into the driveway. My husband had picked out the house and had sent pictures for me but I really didn’t know what I was ending up with till I arrived.

I drove down a quiet residential street, passing a middle school and a church along the way. Until my directions stopped me at a house on the corner, a little light green house with a forest green door with a white fence.

As we are getting ready to pack up the house I am having a hard time imagining this house empty, to no have sound of clacking claws from the puppy running around or pattering little feet scampering around the hardwood floor. Christmas tree put up in the corner or playing on the lawn as I sit under the covered patio sipping on a new wine I’ve never tried before.

Our blossom tree

Corners of rooms are piled up with things to be moved, stored or packed for the next three months as we will be “making camp” in Illinois, Alaska and Virginia/North Carolina before we finally cross the pond and set up our new home in Spain.

Eating snowflakes in the backyard

I will miss my little green house, my cherry blossom tree out back and the memories that have been made here. Soon, just like that it will be like we never lived here and we will be gone, onto the next adventure.

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