Heart Break of Paris…

Simply heartbreaking…

This afternoon, in the Mountain Time Zone, I saw a notification on my computer that Notre Dame was up in flames.

Paris and around the world is watching as this historic landmark and iconic church for both religious and historical people. My heart aches to see this unfold on my phone as live reports are coming in and the video feeds all coming together to create a devastating image as this 12th century cathedral is up in flames.

Photos from the News Report

I watched the live feed in horror as I watch the sun set over Paris as the flames lit the night sky, I thought about my own experience in Paris when I was 16. I walked into that cathedral and felt the weight of the last 900 years sat on my shoulders. The sound of the chores ringing through the stone columns, the Rose Window and the stained glass windows illuminated all of the pews as you walked up to the prayer candles.

“Everything is burning nothing will remain” – eyewitness says

French writer and historian Camille Pascal says a massive fire at Notre Dame Cathedral has caused “the destruction of invaluable heritage” and “we can be only horrified by what we see.”

My people believe, even standing there as they were rained on with ash that Notre Dame will stand again. It has stood destruction by fire and war before, it will raise again. And here from little ol’ Idaho…I believe that too

Heartbroken Traveling Out…

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