Dirty 30/Golden Birthday Plans…

For my birthday next year I was convinced by my wonderful husband that I should do a big trip for my “dirty 30/golden birthday”. I hadn’t put much thought into my birthday next year at the time but once he mentioned it – that’s all I could think about!

Since we will be living in Spain next year I know that I will be frequently visiting the surrounding countries so where would I want to go for a big birthday like “Dirty 30”?

Before moving to Idaho I had a tradition of always being or traveling somewhere for my birthday:

2011- Honolulu, HI
2012- Arabian Gulf (deployed)
2013 – Washington DC
2014 – Israel (deployed)
2015 – Roma Italy
2016 – Bella Vista, AR
2017 – Twin Falls, ID
2018 – Twin Falls, ID
2019 – Twin Falls, ID

2020…Poland – Czechia Republic – Hungary – Austria!

Man what a birthday that will be! A lot of planning will be going into this trip and I will be sharing all that with you guys!

Traveling Photographer Out!


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