Order Up Fiji…

Bula again traveling family!

Today we not only got to taste Fiji but we got to make what we were tasting…This is a fun story so stay put!

Before leaving on our trip I had done a lot of research to see what kind of activities we had to look forward to experiencing while we were in Fiji. One of the activities I found during my research was “Flavours Of Fiji – Cooking School”. Where you are able to learn how and cook three traditional Fijian plates…but wait there’s more! Not only did we get to cook the three traditional Fijian food and since there is a large population of Indians in Fiji as well they also taught us three Indian traditional dishes as well! 20181106_1103244841005580584427943.jpg

Having the whole family doing round table cooking together was amazing! We were all cracking jokes and helping one another but it was being able to learn more about the traditional foods, the history behind their cooking processes, the spices they use and the names of all their foods. 20181106_1126041292415994459820003.jpg

Once the pots were singing everyone in the room started to cough, not from the heat in the room but from all the spices. With only traditional methods of ventilation it didn’t take long for us all to choke up a little with the amount of smells and spices roaring through the room.

Our first three Fijian dishes were:

Vudi Vakasos (Plantain in Coconut Cream)
Rourou (Taro leaves)
Ika Vakalolo (Fish in Coconut cream)

Then we move to our Indian section:

Half Rip Pawpaw Curry
Roti (Indian Flat bread)
Pumpkin Curry


After the family finished with lunch we enjoyed spending the afternoon taking Harmony around the pool to work on her swimming skills and watched the sunset from the beach side. What a perfect day! We are all living on Fiji time!

20181106_185410(0)233675935282967956.jpgTraveling Photographer Out!


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