Sea Sprays and Sunken Ships…

Have you ever thought to yourself – “Wow, I am REALLY lucky!” I had that thought go through my mind yesterday.

Our first big adventure in Fiji was going out on a day cruise and our first scuba dive of the trip. This cruise was hosted by the Captain Cook liner to the private island of Tivua. It felt so good to get back out on the water again. As I was standing on the pier waiting to board the ship I hear the horns blowing informing all surrounding ships that they were underway, I was nearly jumping out of my skin!

As we got underway the crew welcomed us onboard by saying “welcome family”, then giving us the history of the ship – which had just turned 68 years old and then us the rundown of what events and scheduled activities we had to look forward to during the day. By this point I was physically jumping up and down! The engines had started rumbling, the horn was blown and we were officially underway!


It was over an hour to travel down the channel to Tivua, during our travel something remarkable happened. My family members were the only people on the ship who were going to be scuba diving, so the dive master on board was asking about our experience with diving. I had, in excellent forward thinking, purchased my advanced diving textbook before leaving on the trip, I didn’t realize how fortuitous this was for me! Not only did we get to do our scheduled scuba dive but since he was able to take me on a certified dive to get me closer to my advanced dive certification, but not just ANY dive…a WRECK DIVE!


So now not only do I get to go diving in Fiji but I get to dive in a ship wreck off the coast of a private island…in Fiji! I can’t even get close to explaining how amazing this experience was for me. It was almost like being inside history, but unlike anyway I had before. Not like a museum but a living being. There were a few moments that were nerve racking, tight quarters and odd angles with a scuba tank on my back but all was well so it ended well!


The amount of marine life that was down there was amazing! It was (pun intended here) breath taking.  Once we got back on the island when the dive was over we took a break for lunch, a beautifully colored assortment of fruits, vegetables and meats which included the freshly caught fish from around the island that morning.


So many more adventures to come! Stay tuned for more!

Traveling Photographer Out!

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