Trying To Pack…

Did you know that if you are packing for a trip to a tropical location in November and are lacking any tropical items…you might be SOL? We, here in the Mountain Time Zone, are experiencing a beautiful fall. Full of cool mornings, warm afternoons and a beautiful array of fall colors as people spend late afternoons racking their lawns. Totally beautiful.


The only problem is, with us going to Fiji in 2 days I was trying to find a new set of flip flops because my old set are just that they are old but also…they were “munchi-fied” meaning my nearly 2 year old daughter hid the second shoe and I am down to one flip flop before this tropical trip…crap! Also, I learned that there is a very small window of sale opportunity from the end of summer to the beginning of fall. So if you are waiting to buy ANY kind of summer style clothing or items do it RIGHT after the beginning of school sales. Because if you wait too long (like me) all of the wonderful items will be gone and the full swing of fall clothes will have taken over. UGH! These are my pre travel struggles.index

Stay tuned for all the great pieces coming out during my trip to Fiji,

Traveling Photographer Out!

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