White Sand Bound…

Finally! After months, months, months and have I said months yet? MONTHS of talking, planning, chatting, discussing and dreaming about it…the tickets are finally FINAL!

In 43 short days we are hopping on a flight from the dry desert of Idaho and flying to FIJI!

This trip started as a 60th birthday present for my mom from all her kids, she has had on her bucket list to go scuba diving in Fiji for years! And so we all thought what better way to do that then on your 60th birthday? Of course, since we were all about contributing to her and my dad’s tickets we though ‘well why don’t we make it a family thing?’ and that is just what we did! Fiji-country1

So the planning of this trip has been going on for well over a year and yesterday the tickets were FINALLY purchased and we started the countdown!


I am looking forward to this water filled adventure of a vacation – not only for the extensive family time…which will be nice to have before we move. But also because we are going to a place I’ve never traveled too, since the area and island (the mainland) are so small we won’t just be in one or two cities like we’ve done during past trips. We can take our time and travel around the entire mainland if we wanted too! This is what is most exciting about taking adventurous trips…endless possibilities!

Traveling Photographer Out!

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