On The Southern Side…

Ahh wine…

There really is nothing like spending the evening in the warm setting sun and sipping on wine…and when you have like fifteen wineries to sample from? Heaven! Last weekend I got to hang with my girl and visit the 6th Annual Sunnyslope Wine Trail in Caldwell, Idaho. 20180803_182808

I am a huge fan of festivals in general but a wine festival? Those are my favorite! With my business I have fully immersed myself into the wine community, especially here in Idaho, it is SUCH a tight knit community! I have met or visited with most of these wineries throughout my business tastings and travels, something remarkable happened to me for pretty much the first time EVER! 20180803_183324

They remembered me with out me insinuating the contexts or reminding them of who I was! It felt like a real turning point for me in my business and a personal accomplishment as well! This turning point showed that I had worked my way into the community, even if it was just by a fraction. It was that toe in the door that is your first step to success.  20180803_195102

This was an exciting event for so many reasons but it was also a chance to visit a place I had never visited before, drink some good wine and enjoy wonderful company! Life doesn’t get much better than this!

Traveling Photographer Out!

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