Famous In A Small Town…

There is something magical about living in a small town. Granted it is like living the American dream, white picket fence, big backyard, a family and a dog where you know all your neighbors by their first names. That’s the dream!

For me, growing up in a small town then moving to a larger city, I have mixed expectations and ideals when attending small town events. Like this last weekend when we attended “6th Annual Art in the Park” in Twin Falls. I tend to build up these events to be larger than they really ever are.


Even though this was a smaller event than I imagined, it was still perfect. Because it goes to show that in a small town, anyone can be famous. This is a community that believes in building up each other in their endeavors, especially in the artist portion of this Magic Valley we call home. PAH_8792Small town faces become big names for small communities like this, where anyone can not only be famous but a hero to someone else. I met a lady who has art classes for kids whose parents can’t afford to send them to extra curricular actives like sports or art. A man who paints like Bob Ross, a childhood hero of mine, who I spent every Sunday with on channel 9 in Alaska as he painted “happy clouds” and “happy trees” making beautiful landscapes that inspired you to create something of your own.


Traveling Photographer Out!

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