Getting Ready For Another Adventure…

As most of you have learned by now I have spent most of my life traveling around the world and the United States.

As a child my mom would pack us up in the Suburban and we’d hit the road! But the parts that most people don’t remember about their trips is the PACKING and the preparation that goes into getting ready for their adventure.

This weekend kicks off a 10-day road trip that will take my husband (for a portion), my daughter and myself through four states and 2,500 miles.

Knowing I will be doing a lot of work outside, a lot of driving, and a lot of photography/videography while on this trip I am trying to think about all of the things that we might need along the way and a lot of long hours in the car, all while trying not to OVER pack. This is a struggle! I have done long road trips, my whole life I have worked and lived on the road for a long duration of any given time, so that shouldn’t bother me.

It is being a process to adjust my thought processes for packing and traveling with a toddler. I thought that I had learned this last year when I went to San Fransisco but that was just one long day of driving, not multiple days of travel.

What are some items on your checklist for a road trip?

✔️ Music
✔️ Snacks
✔️ Handful of toys
✔️ Clothes
✔️ Stroller
✔️ Camera & Equipment

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