Shows That Build For A Lifetime…

Growing up with the Northern lights overhead it wasn’t hard to imagine the magical and mystical of night lights. But one night show has eluded me and that was lanterns.

Next weekend I have two major photographic events that all surround “night lights”. First is lights and laser show at Shoshone Falls here in Twin Falls, ID. I am always on the lookout for interesting events to attend and sadly in little Twin Falls try dont come around too often. Which is why when this popped up in my newsfeed on Facebook I hopped at the opportunity to do something different!

This event is going to be like Niagara Falls and Las Vegas rolled into a small desert town! I am already anticipating the craziness of dealing with a single lane road down to the falls that winds and bends around the rock cliff as you dive into the canyon. But with any great event comes great madness, sometimes you have to sit back and measure is the experience worth the hassle. With my generation (sadly I am bunched with the Millennial crowd) we are experience driven…so the answer is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY! It doesn’t matter what generation you were born into or grew up as, LIVE LIFE! Try new things, have an adventure or two along the way!

That leads me into my bucket list event. Once again, I already know this will be madness but…the experience will be well worth the price paid. The Lantern Festvial – Salt Lake 2018! I have missed by just [—-] much attending lantern festivals all around the country and world! And yet I was either too early or just too late to attend, broke my heart every time. So when I saw that there was a Lantern Fest just a mere three hour drive from my home I bought tickets…without really checking the price tag. I am not usually an impulsive buyer, in fact my husband gets on my case all the time about how I never spend money on myself, until it comes to trips. He takes that statement back when he remembers our honeymoon. We were in Greece, my spare suitcase, which I had bought for gifts and mementos, was full after our first country on our three country trip…oops! It is all about the memories!

That is what this lantern festival is to me, memories doing something that I have wanted to photograph for over a decade. This will be one of the rare times I will have 3+ cameras running at once! Can’t miss the shot!

Traveling Photographer Out!

More to come on these events! Stay tuned!

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