Weird…But Great People…

What do you love most about Alaska?

Hard to say to be honest. Living here my whole life it is easy for me to adapt back into the lifestyle that is required to survive here but when I travel with other people, like my husband, who haven’t grown up in this lifestyle I am reminded how unique we Alaskans truly are…we are weird!

Last night I went out to one of the best restaurants in Fairbanks, Silver Gulch, this restaurant is also a brewery and the beer is nearly second to none.

Their catch phrase on one of their t-shirts in the gift shop is “Fairbanks where the people are unusual and the beer is unusually good”. And that nails us on our true personality!

If you are ever to visit my tiny town there are a few things that you have to know.

1) Be mindful of the time of year you ate traveling and what are the things you want to see while visiting?

2) ALWAYS try the specials! If you don’t like a certain kind of food – get over it! You’ll be seriously missing out on the true Alaskan experience if you don’t eat our food.

3) Keep an open mind! We are a little odd up here so just “go with it” I promise you’ll have so much more fun while you visit this great state!

4) Park and walk – there is so many little things to see off the beaten path so park the car/truck/motorcycle and take a walk you will see way more of our beautiful state.

5) You are going to see WEIRD signs – remember when I said we are a little off kilter up here…and we have a weird way of life in order to survive in my frozen great state. So you are going to see some odd signs that people in other states wouldn’t be accustomed to – don’t forget to laugh about it!

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