Ferry Crossings and Canopies…

Another day and another new adventure has crossed my path!

Yesterday I took a ferry from Fort Fisher North Carolina to Southport. And once the ferry horn blew and the engines powered up I remembered why I missed being out at sea. There is such a liberating feeling that comes with casting off the mooring lines, hearing over the 1MC announcing “underway, shift colors ” and watching the pier get smaller and smaller into the distance as you sail into the horizon. Though the ride was a short one it was a nice feeling to get back out on the water again.
Once we docked in Southport I continued on with my adventure. Sadly I wrapped up my travels in North Carolina and I fear it will be a while until I see this beautiful state again. On to the next adventure, South Carolina!
My last adventure takes me to a campsite in Myrtle Beach, you now I didn’t think this area was such a big deal but my goodness! I almost wouldn’t want to see this place during the season cause I think it’d be a mad house. But I found a campsite for the next several days and I thought, it was a beautiful night the sky was clear and no chance of rain I was going to sleep outside rather than sleeping in my car. Looking up at the stars through the forest canopy listening to the sounds of the night, I fell into a slumber waking only to cover my head again when it got chilly in the wee hours of the morning. Great day for an adventure!

Traveling Photographer Out!

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