Today’s adventure has a lot of different aspects so hold onto your hats!

First portion of the adventure was going to go visit Linville Cavern, one of the Blue Ridge Parkway’s sights to see locations, I was so excited about being able to go to the cavern I could barely contain it…and I am sure at many points I didn’t! PAH_4597

On the way to the caverns I stumbled upon a VERY cool 1850s style general store. They still had the antique cash registers, coke refrigerators, type writers (which I loved) and a bell on the front squeaking door to signal when a customer walked through.  PAH_4770PAH_4796

The Linville Cavern is now one of the coolest things I have seen on this trip thus far! I kept having a memory roll through in the back of my mind, when my siblings and I were younger going on road trips with my mom and when we would be driving through a area that has a lot of geology in it and she would be telling us what the rocks were and what they were used for and giving us a science lesson while we were driving by. That memory brought a smile to my face as I ventured deeper into the cavern. PAH_4805

Now for a moment of reflection…

I know that through this adventure I will end up leaving my mark on this world, whether it is in a large way or even to just one person. Sometimes you just have to remind yourself that what you do in this life does make a difference.

End moment of reflection…

Traveling Photographer Out!

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